Posting guidelines on this group (Updated 11-OCT-2018). Please read carefully.

  • Please ensure that your post has appropriate content for this group
  • This forum is open for discussions and debates about amateur radio in general and ARSI in particular
  • It is expected that all discussions will be conducted with decorum and will not degenerate into personal abuse. The moderators will be forced to step in in such situations
  • Any important announcements from the Governing Council of ARSI will be posted on this group
  • You can post buy/sell/swap notices pertaining to amateur radio if you adhere to the following guidelines:
    • All buy/sell/swap posts should have a clear description of the item along with the technical specification. Queries and clarifications on the technical specifications are permitted on the group.
    • Monetary details and negotiations are strictly not allowed on the group and will have to addressed outside this forum
    • Please share your personal contact information (email address/phone number) so that interested members can contact you directly for pricing, shipping and other info.
  • Please start a "New Topic" if you want to start a new discussion thread. Do not "Reply" to a previous thread
  • Please search the archives before you post a query or seek any information. It is likely that it has been discussed before
  •  Please sign each message you post with your name and callsign. This is not an anonymous chat-room
  • This is not a forum to express your political opinions. Neither is it a forum to espouse your favorite social issues unless you have a good reason for posting it
  • The expected language of communication is English. Avoid regional languages and slang as it is not proper etiquette
  • Please avoid SMS abbreviations. SMS shortcuts may save time on the keyboard of your cellphone, but are ugly and unreadable in an email message. Q codes in your messages are acceptable
  • Please do not post in upper case. That is considered as shouting and has no place in this group
  • Proof-read your mail before sending it out
  • A posting may have several replies. If you want to respond to the original post, please ensure that you "Reply" to that post and not to one of the received replies. It is easy to follow a "thread" this way
  • When forwarding mail, please follow the following simple guidelines
    • Please ensure that the content you aim to post is of general interest of this group
    • If the message to be forwarded has reached you through a long chain of correspondents, please strip off all headers relating to these folks
    • If the mail has been forwarded numerous times, it is advisable to cut and paste only the contents into a fresh post
    • Please ensure that you have an appropriate subject line. Please strip off all unnecessary "Fwd" and "Re:"
    • Please do not forget to strip off all signature text at the bottom of the message
    •  It will be a good idea to check the to-be-forwarded content for spelling and any format issues
    • Avoid forwarding "chain mail" that expects all who read it to send it to someone else. This is pure spam
Non-adherence to the above guidelines could result in your group activity being put under moderation or being excluded from the group.

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